Monday, 20 February 2012

Puffin Cottage

I was recently commissioned to turn one of my small puffin stamps into a large puffin stamp to adorn the walls of a little cottage in Devon called, of all things, Puffin Cottage. It was strange turning something that has only ever existed as a tiny screen print into a much bigger image, and I was worried that the stamp would lose a little something. I was wrong, and I love the result, so keep your eyes peeled for a few of these designs appearing in a larger format in the near future. Hopefully in time for the Affordable Art Fair (more on that soon).

If you wish to stay in a lovely cottage with the above print keeping you company, you can! Here.

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Emma Reynolds said...

Hiya Tom,

Stopping by to say - I love your work!

I re-discovered a note to myself about Hornseys' Gallery and I found your stamp prints on there, which I adore. I am interested in buying your little Puffin print. Do you sell these framed? Any chance of giving me a quote for a framed little Puffin print with UK postage? My email is

Thank you kindly! Really, really wonderful work. So glad that I discovered you.
All the best,