Wednesday, 3 September 2014

G is for.....

A few more new designs exclusive to my Yorkshire Sculpture Park show. A simple idea based around designs for old school flash cards. More designs to come I hope.

Monday, 1 September 2014

A marquetry bug.

With only a few days until I had to travel up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and deliver my 'Wild Collection' show I finally got around to realising an idea that was bubbling away for ages. And it damn near killed me! A simple idea a producing a marquetry leaf beetle from painted wooden sheets glued onto plywood, with a finally lustre of varnish on top. Thankfully I was really pleased with the outcome, and as it is now sold, it clearly tickled another persons fancy as well. I think more of this style of work will be in the pipeline, just maybe with less of a deadline on my shoulders next time. Only a week to go before I travel back up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and collect what is left of my solo show from the Garden Gallery. To get a peek of this giant marquetry bug, hurry on down before it's too late.