Friday, 17 June 2011

Big Matches

I gave you a little cheeky peek of the large 3D match box series I was producing for the exhibition a while back, so I thought it was high time to show you the finished articles. All hand painted, screen printed and varnished, these three came out so much better than I could have hoped for, which is always a relief! As they were built to reflect the skewed angles of the original prints, it's fairly tricky to tell if they are 3D at all, so the below photograph should make it a touch easier....

Friday, 10 June 2011

One becomes three....

For the budding philatelist, I present to you the complete collection of wildlife stamp books. The 'Birds of the British Isles' has now been joined by six types of pond life and six proud mammals. Hand screen printed in four colours on lovely Somerset paper in editions of 50, be sure to add one, or all of them, to your collection today. Put them under your magnifying glass here. These prints will also become individual stamps in the not to distant future, so look out for eighteen new prints very soon!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

What a spread!

Earlier this week I helped friend and fellow illustrator, Emma Dibben, with a spot of screen printing. It took no longer than an hour, but was presented with the most beautiful veg box I have ever seen in my life (plus some cider) for my troubles! The screen print in question is being featured in the new Antlers show taking place a few doors down from us here at Snap. Also well worth a visit is Emma's lovely work to be found here, and her blog following the seasons on her amazing allotment, where all the crisp, fresh veg was grown with love. My belly thanks you Emma!