Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Kick back and relax....

An updated version of the kick back lino prints I did a while back, this time as an edition of 17 screen prints on lovely Somerset paper. Nice to finally get around to doing a screen print on paper rather than plywood. A touch easier to say the least! In the shop now for a snip at £35.

Yuletide shenanigans

Wow, joining a studio sure does open up a pretty full diary around the festive period. Been busy getting screen printed goodies in the shop in good time along side making new friends. We had a lovely Christmas party in Snap as the gallery was magically transformed into the cosiest eatery in the West! Blurred photos obviously have nothing to do with vintage cider!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ready to go...

They have been cut, printed, painted, varnished and finally boxed, but not before I screen printed the box! What you have at the end of all that is a perfect gift for anyone this yuletide. A snip at £65. Get them while they are hot!

It's Chriiiiistmas!

Well, December is here, which can only mean one thing and that it is time to think festive. We have just rehung the gallery at Snap ready for the Christmas opening on December 3rd (6-9pm) and due to me opening my big mouth, my task was to create a tree to pop in the window. With the kind permission of the true gent Mr Bjorn Lie, we used one of his lovely Nordic style trees as inspiration. So, once again, with jigsaw and a large sheet of weathered plywood in hand, the cutting and painting began. After all the hard work I think it looks pretty damn good. Hope you (and Bjorn) do too!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Building an army...

Producing a mini version of my wrestlers ready for the Christmas rush! I have done 17 of two colour ways. Been a bit of an under taking as it involves laser cut plywood, hand painting, screen printing and varnishing. They will also be popped in a nice screen printed box..... phew!


Wrestling for a good cause!

I have donated a big wrestler to the Jamaica Street Artists auction that will be taking place on December 3rd at the Bristol City Museum to help raise funds for the purchase of the building.

The museum is free to get into and the exhibition is well worth checking out, full of cracking artwork of all different styles. 

A new home

Had a big change in the work situation recently. After spending the last 7ish years working at my home studio in the attic, I am now lucky enough to be a part of Snap Studios along with the seven other lovely people who work there. Still in an attic studio, but at least I am seeing actual humans! Above is the first of many screen prints I will be doing at Snap, a Christmas card to raise funds for Snap. Come down and get yourself some before they sell out! 

Monday, 5 October 2009

Get me to the church on time.....

Just spent a great weekend flitting between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire for a friends wedding. I had the honour of being the best man so thought it fitting to give them a gift that will remind them of all the hard work I put in to make their day so special! I decided to do a hand painted, customized version of my screen printed cars, which takes a hell of a lot longer to produce but the result is a hell of a lot more satisfying. They are painted in lightly sanded back acrylic paint and finished with a satin varnish.

If you were wondering, the C&S stands for Chris and Samara (the couple in question), 26 is the day they got hitched, and the number plate has the wedding date on it also. 

Friday, 2 October 2009

Waitrose Food Illustrated

Just spent a month nestling in amongst the pages of Waitrose Food Illustrated. Nice commission, great magazine, just wish I could afford to shop there!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Kick Back Lino Style!

I had a pile of business card size pieces of lovely white Metaphor card lying around in the depths of a rather cluttered plan chest. I haven't done a lino cut for many a year so thought I would see do a teeny weeny mini print. Not sure what to do with them yet, but I rather like the little blighters!

Monday, 17 August 2009

A man with a van.

Here is a recently completed commission for Mac Format. They were after a fun, 1950's advert style image. The article was about an application for the iPhone, of which I understood about 10%!

Monday, 10 August 2009

In the blink of an eye...

Well, just like that, 6 weeks have past and the time to bring the exhibition back home to Bristol is here. Everyone that came to see it seemed to like all the work, and thanks for all the kind comments. Farewell also to the big wrestlers, enjoy your new home! 

Thanks also to the fine gent who goes to by the name of Chris Andrews. Whilst I was supping on free booze and shmoozing with my public, he was kindly taking the pictures you see above. He is also a dab hand with a brush, so check his work out here.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hang them high!

Spent a lovely sunny day in Spitalfields hanging all the artworks for my upcoming show 'It was like that when I found it' as part of the Art at Ketchum programme of exhibitions. Below is a little sneaky peek of what you can see on them there walls. He is made out of old plywood and cut by hand with a jigsaw don't you know!

If a free drink on a school night mixed with a bit of art takes your fancy then it would be great to see you there. The private view is on Thursday 18th June 6-8pm at Ketchum, 35-41 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX. Come one, come all.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The cars have landed!

After a long uphill struggle I have managed to wheel out the first two cars from theboyfrost garage! Involving screen prints, lasercut ply, vintage meccano wheels and hand painted elements these little bundles of joy are a celebration of car design of yesteryear when, lets face it, most things looked better! I have also produced some limited edition prints on lovely 310g Metaphor recycled paper for those who don't drive.......The building process starts. I felt like I was 12 again and I had been given an Airfix kit. 
And the final results. Two automobiles ready to head off into the sunset. After all the hard work it is nice to finally see them in the flesh  and thankfully I am chuffed with how they turned out. Hope you like them too!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Two new paintings I have recently finished as part of an ongoing series of artworks featuring people with matchboxes for bodies.
Why matchboxes? Why not!

Friday, 20 March 2009

The World's Liveliest Party Game!

Found this old game in a bric-a-brac shop on the Isle of Skye a few weeks back. 'The more rapidly the trading proceeds, the greater the babel, the more laughter, and the more ludicrous the excitement.' They were lying! Rather splendid box though.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Production Line

I've been hitting ebay hard over the last few weeks in preparation for what I like to call 'operation car!' I now have enough vintage Meccano wheels to get me started on the project that will also involve laser cut plywood, screen printing, hand painted elements and packaging design. Really looking forward to diving head first into a 3D project and hopefully the final results will make it worthwhile.
Also found a few nice bargains on ebay recently which should help inspire the new project!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A print to shout about...

Toddled my way over to Bath a week or so ago to get a print done for a couple of friends 30th. On recommendation I popped into The Fine Art Print Company where the ever helpful Dunstan managed, in the blink of an eye, to print my image with colours so crisp you could almost swim in them! It's so refreshing to find a print company with the care and attention to produce prints that are so close to how you created them on screen. Bloody marvellous!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Some quality gasoline...

At the end of last year I finally picked up the paint brush again after a long, long time. It felt good to be putting actual colours onto a surface rather than just dropping them down in photoshop. Hopefully there will be more where this came from in 2009!

Thursday, 15 January 2009


These three prints are now available to buy from The Art Market. They would make ideal, very late Christmas presents!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Wedding Gift

A little glimpse back to the end of 2008 and the wedding of friends Lauren and Jason. This is the wedding present I made to remind them of that amazing weekend down in Cornwall.