Friday, 17 February 2012

Even on calm waters...

A nautical proverb, a tall ship, a sea monster. What more could you ask for in a screen print? This large, new print was supposed to have been completed just before Christmas, but my old Mac decided to corrupt the file, so I literally had to start from scratch and rebuild from the ground up. I hope you think it was worth it? It is now on its way to London for the opening of the Illustra8 show at Wills Art Warehouse. If you ever find yourself mooching around Putney between 25th Feb to 30th March, why not pop in and have a snoop.

Also available in my shop, here.


Hmm said...

I love this print. It is funny and beautiful and rich with meaning. Excellent. This is the first time I have seen your work - interesting because it demands a double look.

I think it is the type of piece I would grow to appreciate more and more. If I had only one child to buy for I would get it an put it in their room. And I am postive they would carry that saying through life with them.

Well done!

Tom said...

Many thanks for the kind words and glad you got so much out of the print. Planning to do a number of prints along the same lines, so keep your eyes peeled!