Thursday, 19 July 2012

Big Shop Update

My shop has had a big update with the new circus prints, smaller version of 'Waves Will Rise' and new large stamps and match boxes.  All available here.


alice apple said...

Why have I only just discovered your work? It's amazing!

Tom said...

Thanks Alice, kind words indeed!

jake gumbleton said...

Hi tom,
I just wanted to say hi. I picked up your large owl at a gallery in bath a couple of weeks back. I have been enjoying your work without knowing who you were and then we just walked past a window and saw a owl !
I really love your work, such a unique and wonderful aesthetic.
You have inspired me to take up screen printing soon.
I am an artist myself. Blog is if you fancy a gander.
Keep up the splendid work !

Don said...

Wonderful work Tom. Mr Otter and Mr Fox (or maybe Mrs) are a delight. We purchased some cards from Chesters near Ambleside, so I decided to take a further look at your work. I will look forward to seeing more stuff!