Monday, 12 March 2012

Afforable Art Fair

Had a manic couple of days last week getting everything ready to send up to London in time for the Affordable Art Fair. It was one of those weeks where you need the screen printing to go smoothly as you have a deadline to meet, which basically means that everything goes wrong. This proved to be the case, with the exposure unit playing silly buggers, but I managed to print, frame, label and pack just in time, wrapping the final package as the delivery driver took it out of my hands! The fair runs from 15th - 18th in Battersea, with my work being exhibited with the lovely people at Wills Art Warehouse. All information is here.

If you do get along to look at some lovely art, you will have a chance to see new, larger versions of my stamps. Puffin, fox, squirrel and owl so far, with the otter to join the gang next week. For those not going, the are now available here.

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