Friday, 30 September 2011

Sale, sale, sale!

I recently finished printing the second edition of these three bird stamps. They have been popped in my shop just in time for my end of summer sale. There is now 15% off all products for the next month if you simply pop the discount code FROSTSALE in at the checkout.

Go shopping now for bargains galore here!

Also, the lady in my life, Teresa Murfin is having a sale in her shop as well. I strongly recommend you visit for beautiful prints and handmade goodies. Available here.

Happy shopping!


Downtown Sjolte said...

Dear Tom Frost

I have just ordered 3 of your lovely prints and I can hardly wait to see them live :)
I have a shop in Denmark and I am very interested in selling your 'Bird' Cards - please let me know if that is possible. If you contact me on: - I will give you all my details.Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Downtown Sjolte
Architect and Stylist
Lene Christensen
Sjoltevej 14
4733 Tappernøje

Tom said...

Thanks for your purchase Lene. I will email you all relevant information!

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